Competent Intelligence Quick Market Scan

With our Competent Intelligence Quick Market Scan there is no need to travel or spend a fortune to get the information you need. Just pick as many countries as you like will dive into your product or service and report on the following: 1) The suitability of your product or service in their markets. Is your offering useful and does it fit the local culture, habits or trends? 2) Data on market size. 3) Possible distribution channels. 4) Potential competition and their price range. 5) General recommendations for this market. At just $1000 per country, have the information you need delivered in 2 weeks.

Competent Intelligence Local Market Research

Our specialists will contact potential clients and distributors in their region in order to gain a sense of the market for your products. They will also assess the competition and check aspects like custom regulations. We don't offer general information, but help you to find insights that you can make decisions on. We will answer questions such as: What is the local market size and market growth? What are trends in the market? What are the main distribution channels and market segments? What are your competitors and their market position? What is a competitive price for your products and services on the market? What segments of the markets are currently undeserved? What would be recommendations for entering the market?